Irish Glassware: Whiskey / Rocks Glass - Smokey Color - Modern Celtic Cross

These glasses are made to order

A tapered Rocks glass in a Mocha color featuring a modern interpretation on a Celtic cross.

This glass can be customized with names, dates or a message on the rear of the glass for an additional $5.

Celtic Cross - Modern

·         Represents:- Hope, Life, Honor, Faith, Unity, Balance,  Transition, Temperance, Ascension,  Navigation

Symbolic Stations of the Celtic Cross

·         Self, Nature, Wisdom, God/Goddess

·         The cross can serve as a stable guidepost that always leads us to our "true north." Walk the cross in your mind,                            recounting the 4 arms of spiritual deeper knowing: Self, Nature, Wisdom and the Divine          

The Celtic cross meaning also deals with the transition of the seasons, and even marks the four Celtic fire festivals (Samhain, Imbolc, Beltain, Lughnasadh). These were massively profound events for the Celt as they defined a clear mark of transition through the year.