• Irish Glassware: Glencairn Whiskey Tasting Glass featuring The Father Knot



    These glasses are made to order

    The glass is around 175ml (6 oz.) and is designed to hold 50 ml of spirit (1.75oz), the identified ideal ratio of liquid to air. The glass is made for "nosing," wherein the aromatic molecules coming off the liquid are funneled into a tighter bouquet at the top, allowing the sipper to maximize the nose and further enhance the experience.

    Champagne, Brandy, Wine... each has its own glass. Yet whisky, the worlds most complex spirit can be found served in anything from hiball tumblers to Paris goblets.

    It's a bit like pouring your vintage champagne into a pint tumbler or your XO brandy into a shot glass!

    Whisky is a drink to be savoured. Time spent enjoying the flavours on the nose are equally important as those on the palate. Raymond Davidson decided it was about time someone designed a proper whisky glass...

    The perfect glass for whisky was created and left to mature for some twenty years at the bottom of a filing cabinet.

    After adequate maturation, his sons Paul and Scott decided to take his design to the people who know best... the master blenders!

    With their help and support they were able to take the glass around the world and promote it as the Glass for whisky, developed by the whisky industry for the whisky industry.

    It's roots lie in the traditional nosing glasses used by blenders around the world.

    The unique and stylish shape has been crafted with eminent care, to enhance the enjoyment of whisky.

    The tapering mouth allows an ease of drinking not associated with traditional nosing glasses whilst capturing the aromas on the nose.

    The wide bowl allows for the fullest appreciation of the whisky's colour and the solid base is designed to be easy on the hand.

    Today the Glencairn Glass can be found at every distillery in Scotland, Ireland, Wales as well as most in the USA. It has won accolades from around the world including the Queens Award, the highest award for business in the UK.

    Importantly it is also beginning to appear in the places it was designed for... the bars!

    It may have taken a few hundred years to arrive, but whisky now has a glass of it's own... FINALLY!

    - Courtesy of Glencairn Crystal

    How To Use

    Steps To Appreciating Whisky

    There are 5 steps to truely appreciating fine whisky.... Pay close attention to the following details:

    Colour - Is your whisky light gold, bright copper, or rich amber in colour?

    Body - Does your whisky have a light, medium, or full body?

    Nose - Which aromas do you recognize when you nose the whisky - is is malty, smokey, fruity, or chocolatey?

    Palate - What characteristics do you notice on the palate - is it softly sweet, rich and fruity, or peppery and spicy?

    Finish - Does the flavour remain for a long time or does it disapper quickly?